Weather at Little Valley

This data is updated every half hour.

forecast: Occasional precipitation, worsening

Current 1.5°C on 26/07/2017 at 12:00 am  
  Low High
Today 1.5°C at 12:00 am 1.5°C at 12:00 am
Yesterday -1.1°C at 7:59 am 11.4°C at 2:48 pm
This Month -34.6°C on 11 July at 8:57 pm 13.8°C on 24 July at 1:22 pm
This Year -34.6°C on 11 July at 8:57 pm 31.5°C on 21 February at 3:48 pm


Rain fall
Last hour 0.0mm
Today 0.0mm
Yesterday 0.0mm
This Month 161.4mm
This Year 542.1mm


  10 minute average Gust
Current 0.1km/h from 337° 1.1km/h
Today 0.1km/h at 12:00 am 0.0km/h from 338° at 12:00 am
Yesterday 2.6km/h at 4:19 pm 3.6km/h from 315° at 11:48 am
This Month 17.6km/h on 11 July at 5:27 pm 80.6km/h on 18 July at 9:49 am
This Year 45.6km/h on 19 January at 10:58 am 80.6km/h on 18 July at 9:49 am


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For detailed readings and graphs see the MetOffice WOW site for this station.